Mathematician’s Lament

Mathematician’s Lament, a book by Paul Lockhart is based on the whirlpool of current mathematics education. The title of the book clearly do justice with the content where he beautifully explains that Mathematics is an art.

I’m not here to write a book review instead I’ll share some of its pre-eminent lines which made me think twice over it –

  • Everyone knows that something is wrong. The politician’s say, “We need higher standards.” The schools say, “We need more money and equipment.” They are all wrong. The only people who understand what is going on are the ones most often blamed and least often heard: the students. They say, “Math class is stupid and boring,” and they are right.
  • Part of problem is that nobody has the finest idea what it is that mathematicians do.
  • By concentrating on what, and leaving out why, mathematics is reduced to an empty shell.

The book even unveils many mathematical mysteries like,

Upon adding – “Even and Even makes Even,

                        Even and Odd makes Odd,

                       Odd and Odd makes Even.”

Something so simple and interesting yet lesser known.IMG_0369

Lastly, I would say whether or not you are a Mathematics lover, go for it!

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I Hope!

One should respect the peoples mandate and should congratulate them for showing who is the real boss in democracy. We should also congratulate BJP, it’s workers and volunteers for putting up such a show and completely decimating UPA and other caste based parties. As, elections are over and the verdict is out there is no point in discussing how BJP won, how much money they spent etc., these type of discussions should be left for media, political analyst and obviously to political parties and EC.

There is no doubt that this election was well fought on ground as well as on social media. Battle on ground was controlled with some incidence of violence here and there, and usual attack and counter-attack by leaders on each other but over all it was very peaceful and well conducted elections, kudos to EC and administration for the job well done. However, it’s the battle on social media which did not leave good taste in the mouth.  It was very harsh, brutal and personal in nature. Just to prove their point and correctness of their opinion people were involved in lot of mudslinging, personal attack and ended up coining beautiful words like ModiTards, AAPTards and god knows what. People who coined these words did not understand that it’s okay for people in democracy to have different opinion and a person whose opinion differ from yours is not a retard or something else. He/ She too are citizen of this country with equal rights and it’s our duty to respect, listen and understand the opinion of different people, alas! this never happened. As the election are over now and once euphoria of electing a majority government dies, I hope we will retrospect about it and would stop using these kind of words and will get involve in constructive discussions and not in disruptive and personal arguments. This election also saw excessive and almost abusive use of words like secular and communal. I hope we will start  using these words in a better and more appropriate way, and will stop assigning different colors to people due to their different political affiliations and opinion. I hope we will start discussing issues and facts based politics rather than flimsy and nonsensical stuff which has been created by political advertisement, like by supporting BJP you become communal or by supporting AAP you become anti-development person etc.

This election have given a clear majority to BJP and it’s good to know that citizens of India do not want a dysfunctional  coalition government, though I disagree that coalition government is dysfunctional, but a fully empowered strong government at the center, however they failed to provide a good opposition. Hence, in this case, I think, the role of opposition falls on media and common people of the country. So, I hope once the euphoria of this victory dies people will not loose their enthusiasms in politics, but would spend the same amount of time which they spent before elections for voicing their opinion, to discuss and scrutinize each and every policy framed by government because friends elections are not end of everything it’s just the start. At the same time I really hope Media will not get influenced by the party in power and would be vigil enough to scrutinize and question each and every step taken by government.

I hope we will get a good and strong cabinet which can take bold decisions to deliver not only growth in economy in terms of GDP numbers but to also provide good development by giving good education, clean drinking water, women empowerment etc.  I hope this government will have a good and robust foreign policy and will maintain friendly and cordial relationship with our neighbors. I do not hope or want a communal riot or a war with either Pakistan, China, Bangladesh or for that matter with anyone. I hope instead of concentrating on building temples government will concentrate of building better hospitals, schools etc. At last being an AAP supporter and it’s volunteer I hope AAP will not fragment after this election, I see a high probability of that happening, and will do enough ground work, raise the issue and give the solutions which are practical and not emotional and keep themselves united so that they can become a viable option in 2019.

Hope and optimism is all I have! how much of it will be fulfilled remains to be seen.


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What is India?

On the eve of Independence day, few of my friends flooded the social networking site, Facebook with this message, “What is INDIA ? A nation where PIZZA reaches home faster than AMBULANCE & POLICE… Where u get CAR LOAN @8% but EDUCATION LOAN @12%. Where 1 kg ONION is Rs.24 but SIM CARD free. Olympic shooter wins GOLD ,govt gives 3 crore. another shooter dies fighting with TERRORIST. GOVT pays 1 lakh. really, incredible INDIA. re-post this till it reaches PM, if ur an Indian…-by an INDIAN..”.  I was really astonished after reading with this, obviously these statments at times are not correct but some how it has such an appeal that everyone tends to put it on their wall without caring to check about the truth, when I tried to have an argument about this, I had to deal with lot of sarcastic and emotional answers which were beyond my tolerance. Thereby justifying the fact that, it is very easy to criticize than to appreciate.  I just want to put my opinion about these precious lines written about our country, by some of the best brains of our country.

Lets, take the case of Pizza vs Ambulance and Police. First of all the demand of Pizza is only in Urban areas, but demand of ambulance and police are in both rural and urban areas. In urban areas the mobility is good because of good infrastructure but same is not the case in rural areas. At the same time Pizza are demanded only by the upper middle class, which again resides the area in where the mobility is pretty good but the other class which also demands ambulance services resides in totally immobile areas. This is not only the problem, when Ambulance try to reach the place which are far off, it has to struggle with lots of traffic. To decrease this rush of traffic on the road, if Govt. brings the law of not allowing private vehicle on the road for one particular day in a month, it will not only be criticized by my intellectuals friend who put above status but will not be followed. If some of you don’t agree with this then you need to check out the bus day system, every 4th day of the month citizens are encouraged to use public transport,  which is prevalent in Bangalore but is pretty less known. Ahh!  I forget about Pizza being delivered faster,  Pizzas delivery does not have to face so many constraints, which an ambulance service has to face. My dear friends still if you want to compare than you need to check out the 108 -ambulance service of govt. which is very successful in South Indian States. About Police being late, I agree there is a big lacunae here but how many of us know that all the police station are under manned and it is almost impossible to provide the police service to 1.21 billion people. We always tend to compare our service with the western police service but we know very little about it. How many of us know that police charges service fee from the user’s in the western countries, and also the population in western countries is very less when compared to the incredible India about which we are talking. So, my dear friends before we criticize lets understand the problem to its core.

I don’t know how the comparison of car loan and education loan came here, these  two are totally different products catering to different age group and different strata of society. The simple logic of more risk and more return can explain this anomaly.  Car loans are taken or given only to the individuals who are worthy of it, in the same way the interest rate  for education loans are kept high so that only those who are worthy of it can get it. At the end of day banks are doing business and they can’t give loan to any XYZ who is studying in some  arbitrary course in some ABC college. If banks start giving loan to every tom-dick and harry then we will definitely go into rescission as the way USA went in 2007-08, due to defaulting of any tom- dick and harry which are in abundance in our country. My dear highly intellectuals friends you need to have some knowledge of economics and finance before putting this status. But as everyone says ignorance is bliss and you are the blessed with it. I don’t want to write about the cost of onion begin Rs 24 and sim card being given free, because anyone who reads newspaper and have simple knowledge of economics can figure it out.

Abhinav Bindra getting  Rs 3 crore award from GOI, is very inflated figure. He was awarded 50 lakhs by GOI, and he rightly deserves it. He is the first person to get Gold Medal in Olympics for India. Also, he never used govt. facility, sorry its not there, for his training, unlike Army which uses govt. facility not only for training but also for its other requirements, as army is the only sector which does not produce any goods and services which have some monetary value. I don’t want to defame army, which is already defaming itself by indulging into fake encounters, by violating human rights in J&K (I recommend everyone to read the book, The Collaborator by Mirza Waheed to know more) and other north eastern states, by getting involved into Sukhana land scam and Adarsh Society Scam. Lets get back to the original discussion of a martyr getting less as compared to gold medalist,  if we start giving 50 lakhs to every martyr, including those who dies in the fake encounter- which have become s0 rampant these days or are killed by fellow colleagues out of frustration, what will be left with the govt. to spend on infrastructure and other development project which is essential for fast working of the ambulance and police, after all that is also in the question.  Its easy to give 50 lakhs to one guy in 100 years than to give 50 lakhs to 1000 guys every year, common sense, isn’t it. If this simple fact can’t be understood than nothing else can be.

At this juncture, dialogue of Rang de Basanti comes to my mind, No country is perfect, it is upon the citizens of that country to make it perfect”.  So, my dear highly intellectuals friends try making you country a perfect one, instead of criticizing it on a social networking site which has billions of users from all over the globe. One criticism will give you a momentary fame among your pears, as it has become fashion these days to criticize the country, but it will defame the image of our great nation for once and always in the eyes of international community. Its just a humble appeal to the Indians by an Indian.

PS: The views are entirely personal and are not intended to defame any individual or institution, the writer would be more than happy to have a healthy discussion on these topics through comments.

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Manmohan’s Speech on 15th August 2011

My dear countryman and fellow Scam-ester (cabinet ministers), I am very happy to announce that we have completed 64 years as an Independent country, which has been ruled by one family, after being ruled by one country. On this eventful day 64 years back, the right of doing all the shitty stuff (scams, note for vote etc..) , which only British were entitled to do till that day, were given to us by them.

I very happy to announce that at the stroke of Midnight (starts with famous Nehru’s Speech- Tryst with Destiny) or anytime when the ignorant Indians, including me, sleep or they are busy doing the work which will propel our economy and make us superpower, at that very time the ministers in my Cabinet are framing and executing shady deals, along with the bureaucrats to help the corporates which can transform the Socialist nature of our country to capitalist one, after all we are competing with US of A. When some not so ignorant but equally corrupt media asks me about the misdoings of my cabinet members, I had and will have only one reply, I was not aware of their misdoings as I work for 18 hours to meet the two meal requirement of my family which is dying under the pressure of inflation and the remaining 6 hours I spend in practicing the art of keeping quite, amid all the chaos. If they are not convinced than I will have to tell them about the dharma of coalition politics,”I have my own Limitations, I have to run a Government which is dependent on so many parties and individuals -Raja, Kannimozhi, Dayanidhi Maran etc., think what will happen to them if I chuck them out of the Government”.

Still, not satisfied the media will have to deal with Kapil Sibbal, who is lawyer by the profession and a stud politician by vocation, no one dares to f**k around with him, didn’t you see what he did with Baba Ramdev. If media is still not happy and is on the verge of causing a public uproar then we might have ask that cabinet member to resign-thereby breaking the dharma of coalition politics, whose additional charges will be taken up by none other than our Dear Sibbal.

Dear countrymen, you need not worry about inflation, my Govt. is taking all the measures to rein in the inflation by- promoting hoarding, allowing lot of grains to rot in open due to lack of storage-the money for which was sanctioned long back, rising repo and reverse repo rate- which will dry up the savings of middle class, increasing the price of petrol and diesel in the name of rising world market price. If this would not be enough than RJD would be asked to join Govt. and will be encouraged to do something similar to fodder scam. If Supreme Court orders us to distribute the rotting grains to the poor for free, than we will  give them right in their face by –using the Jargon of Separation of Power- Judiciary should not interfere with the matter of Executive and  our excuses would be- we can’t distribute the fruits of hard work of our dear farmers, who have already committed suicide or is on the verge of committing.

About Jan Lokpal bill,  Anna wants us to pass this bill, because he never held a public office and did not get the chance to make big bucks in his life like my fellow ministers, so he is jealous of this talented group of ministers and bureaucrats .  I just want to make it clear, how can I allow PM to be in the ambit of Lokpal bill, after all RahulBaba will become PM tomorrow and I don’t want to get scolded by Soniya Ji for getting Baba  into  trouble. If Anna doesn’t stop his campaign then we might have to treat him the way we treated the Great Yoga Guru, obviously after consulting Soniya Ji, Rahul Baba, Priyanka Madam and Sibbal Sahib, unfortunately I can’t consult the very efficient A. Raja and Kannimzohi.

Lastly, fellow countrymen lets take a pledge on this auspicious day, we will always have Gandhi family in the power, after all its democracy and Congress Ka Haath (read scams, inflation, worn public policy etc..), Aam Adami ke Saath, De Congress ko vote aur Dekhe Rahul Baba ka gaon ke bad central me Karamat

Jai Hind, Jai Soniya Ji, Long Live Gandhi family except Mahatma Gandhi’s.

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A tale of a suffocating Minister and his dying Ministry

Some one and a half year ago, one of the Ministry of Government of India (GOI), started making buzz in the media because it cancelled many projects, halted others, and completely scrapped few, on the basis of violation of Environmental and forest laws. The ministry which was  totally unknown came to the prominence under the charismatic leadership of Jairam Ramesh, a graduate of IIT Bombay. If you are still wondering which ministry is it, then let me tell you its non-other than the Ministry of Environment and Forest(MoEF). In this post, I am going to talk about the rise and fall of this ministry and it’s minister.

The ministry made first buzz when it cancelled the extension of bauxite mining project of Vedanta Aluminium Limited (VAL), part of Vedanta Group which is  headed by the billionaire Anil Agarwal, in the Niyamgiri hills of Odisha (Orissa), on the basis of N C Saxena Committee report. The committee alleges Vedanta of violating Forest Conservation Act, Forest Rights Act, Environment Protection Act and the Orissa Forest Act.  At the same time it said allowing the mining activity in the forest area is going to affect the two indigenous tribes- Dongaria and Kutia Kondh of their rights over the proposed mining site in order to benefit a private company and which will further decrease the faith of the tribals in the laws of the land. Decision of the ministry have been criticized not only by the Govt. of Orissa but also by the Vedanta group and fellow Cabinet Ministers, who is of the opinion that no laws have been violated by VAL, even though committee and ministry have other opinion.  Till now the ministry has not succumbed to the pressure but we have to see how along ministry withstand the pressure.

If this was not enough MoEF halted the biggest Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) project of $12 billion, which was being undertaken by the South Korean Steel giant, Posco. The project which will be undertaken in the coastal Jagatsinghpur district of Odisha, some 100 km from the state capital Bhubaneshwar, involves setting up a steel plant, along with a minor port and a captive power plant to supply the power to steel plant.  The project which was halted for almost 5 years because of the environmental issues was given a green signal by the MoEF on 31st Jan 2011,  after imposing 60 stringent condition, which is still not acceptable to Odhisa govt. and Posco. The ministry succumbed to the pressure from all the sides including, corporates, Prime Minister Office (PMO) etc., and gave the go signal. The move of ministry was welcomed by the corporates and govt. of Odisha but at the same time it was criticized by the environmentalist and villagers, mostly tribals (but who cares about these uneducated jungle dwellers), as the project will lead to the displacement of nearly 4000 tribal family, for not addressing their concern of loss livelihood and loss of their land to the private players.

After this came the order for  stopping the  Lavasa Housing project. But, once again the ministry has to give in to the pressure from the corporates due to which it has to give the order of continuing the project, but with minimal fine (I don’t understand, how the fine can reverse the effect caused on the environment) and with the condition that in future construction the environmental factors will be taken care off. If this was not enough the criticism of ministry and pressure from many sides, forced the ministry to allow  SAIL (Steel Authority of India Limited) to start the mining activity in Chiria Mines of Jharkhand, after ignoring the recommendation of forest advisory committee which was of the opinion of not giving the clearance. Jairam Ramesh gave the nod for the project by using his discretionary power after ignoring all the concerns and recommendations of various stakeholders. There are many project which still need nod from MoEF which I am pretty sure will be granted by the ministry in due course of time, even though it doesn’t want to.

Not only this the ministry have been criticized by many cabinet ministers, big corporate giants, various State Governments and many Economist for being the blockage in the path of development.  It has also been accused of blocking the foreign investment in various fields by playing the cards of environment and forest issues. If this was not enough our dear PM criticized the ministry for bringing back the License Raj, thus pushing the country to pre- liberalization, globalization and privatization era, as he thinks that forcing the stringent environmental norms on any project will make it impossible for small players to start new venture which requires MoEF clearance. My only concern here is, how a ministry can perform if it is being pressurized and criticized from all the sides, even if a ministry is kind of autonomous in its function.

I too agree that making the norms stringent will make it difficult to start a new project but at the same time not giving heed to the environmental issue might cause a bigger damage to both, the country and it’s future ability to utilize the limited resources, thus making the development unsustainable. If forest laws and issues of tribals are not taken care off then it will lead to delineation of the tirbals and decrease their faith in the Govt. Which will give an opportunity to the Naxals and other anti-national forces to recruit their new cadres from among the tribes who would be more than happy to go against the govt. which is not at all taking care of them. Thus the ministry is (was) not only conserving the forest but also preventing delineation of the tribal people.

The ministry which rose like a Phoenix from it’s ashes is not enforcing some new laws but the existing laws which have long been ignored in the process of so called development. The Phoenix is now dying because of various factors and this time the death will be permanent, as it won’t get someone like Jairam Ramesh in future, who have a strong backbone to stand against the unwritten system to protect the written system from getting rot. Even Jairam Ramesh has started giving in to the various pressure, even though he doesn’t want to.

Thus, I think readers will agree with me in saying that, The Minister is suffocating and Ministry is dying.

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My favorite for WC 2011

Everyday, I see in the newspaper one out of the 14 teams, which is going to participate in the cricket World Cup 2011 that starts on 19th Feb in Indian subcontinent , being picked up as the favorite by one or other former players or commentators. After reading those pieces of news I thought which would be my favorite team. Obviously, I am going to support India and will be more than happy if it wins the cup, and you never know that it might be my favorite too. So, just continue reading to know my favorite, if you are still not bored with those news or want to read the analysis of a very common man. Before I choose the team, lets do some analysis for choosing the favorite, I am going to consider only the team in top 6 ranking of ICC.

As per my view, which I am pretty sure most of you might agree, the team which has the performing and consistent player who can take the pressure of a big tournament is going to win rather than the team which is full of non-performing talent as English team. So, lets look at each team, I will start with the team India.

Indian team which is  second in ICC ranking, has  the biggest advantage of playing in home conditions. It has pretty good and deep batting lineup, even no.7 batsman of the team has two centuries to his credit,  which if fires can rip apart any bowling line up, but the biggest problem is that not all batsman have been performing lately and some of them have not played recently because of injury, so lack of practice might affect their performance. If we talk more about batting, even Harbhajan Singh and up to some extend Zaheer Khan and Piyush Chawala can contribute with the bat, but what the team need is a healthy contribution from captain cool and Yuvraj Singh. It’s the only team other than Australia which has maximum number of match winners. The bowling department looks bit weak, especially the pace department, with Praveen Kumar already being ruled out due to injury, so it is hard to say who will be the  best out of the three options available- Nehra, Patel and Sreesanth, to share the new bowl with Zaheer Khan and give the team early breakthrough. Spin department looks fine with Harbhajan, even though he has to prove that he can perform in the crunch situations, Ashwin and Piyush, as all three of them have lot of varieties in their repertoire, along with part time spinner like Sehwag, Raina and Pathan, who can contribute well with the ball. Fielding of the team needs to be taken care of, as it keep on fluctuating between superb and average. The team has the best captain of present time who is also very lucky and pretty good at man management. Selector has chosen the best possible team, now lets see how well they perform. Just a note, Indian team had performed well in alternate world cup, 1996-semis, 2003-finals and who knows this time they might end the drought of 27 years.

Australian team which is leading in the ICC ranking, looks a very balanced side with Brett Lee, Mitchell Johnson, Doug Bollinger and Shaun Tait taking care of pace attack, this pace battery can make any batting lineup look average. They have Shane Watson, Ponting, Clarke,  Hussey brothers, Cameron White, Brad Haddin and Tim Paine in batting lineup, all of them are capable of winning the match single handedly. Their only cause of worry is lack of quality and experienced spinner who can perform as per requirement in the subcontinent. They have a very aggressive and experienced captain who knows the conditions of subcontinent very well, which is yet another asset for the team. Their fielding have always been superb and recently they have got back their form, as evident in the recently concluded bilateral series against England in which they almost whitewashed the English team. They are the only team which have performed well in pressure situation and who knows if they can win the title of fourth time in succession.

Srilanka is the team which is third in ranking and will have the similar advantage as Indian team of playing at home. They have few match winners in the team but recently this team has not performed up to it’s reputation and does not look like a contender for the cup, but you never know as this team is capable of giving some surprises, especially when playing in home condition. They will surely miss Chminda Vass in pace attack but they have very good spin attack. So, it is one of the team to look for in the world cup.

South Africa which is 4th in ICC ranking looks to be very balanced side, only next to Australia,  which is capable of winning the cup if only there bad luck doesn’t follow them in this world Cup. They have the best bowling attack at the present which can rip apart any batting line up. Even though they have big names like Smith, Amla, Kallis, de Villiers, Dumminy,  in the batting line up but the team just chokes up if it looses two to three wicket in quick succession, thus known as Chokers. Imran Tahir, Pakistan born spinner might prove to be the trump card for them, who has performed exceptionally well in domestic tournaments. Time will only tell if they will be able to end their bad luck in World Cup or not. It is one of those team which deserves to win the cup, but the cup is not won on this basis but on the basis of performance.

English team which would be high after winning the Ashes, is ranked 5th in ICC ranking. They are good side but till now they have never performed under pressure in ODIs, almost whitewashed by Australians in recently concluded series. They are a better side for tests but not in ODIs where teams are required to score fast, at the same time they have to keep wicket in hands, which is this team incapable off. They have been to finals three times (1979, 1987, 1992) before but have not been able to win, only future can tell if they will be able to break the jinx and win the cup or not. They might give some surprises but at least to me they don’t look like a serious contender for the cup.

Pakistan team, ranked 6th, has been going through make over in the recent times after they were hit by the spot fixing of the matches, which lead to the banning of their three key players. They have got a new and aggressive captain in Afrdi who can bat and bowl, as well. They have very good bowling attack which include Akthar, Umar Gul, Sohail Tanvir, and a decent batting line up.  Overall they are good side that is down in confidence because of frequent change of captains and various other reasons. They are very tough nut to crack when playing in subcontinent. It is one of those team which can cause some upheaval and might upset some of the good and confident team, so don’t be awestruck if they win the cup.

All other teams does not seems to be in competition for the cup, they are just playing for the sake of playing, as per my view. They might prove me wrong with some stunning performance. I will be more than happy if India wins the cup. But, if I have to chose one team which will win the cup than it is Australia. I might be criticized for making this safe choice(as they have won it for 4 times out of which 3 time in succession) or for not choosing India.  But as per my view they are the best and most balanced team at the present time and have got back their lost form, at the same time it is the team which never gives up and handles the pressure well, thus having all the attributes which a champion team should possess.

Its my choice and you are free to differ from me, but with a reason.

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Impasse in Egypt

One of my dear friend asked me today, what is going on in Egypt, it is this question which inspired me to write this post. Before going into the Egyptian embroil, first lets have a little synopsis about the history of Egypt which can tell us the reason behind the whole chaos prevailing in Egypt.

Egypt, the gift of Nile, which has a very rich history contemporary to the one of the oldest civilization of the world, the Indus valley civilization. It is more famous for the pyramids than anything else. This land of pyramids have always been invaded either by the Ottoman empire or by the colonial European forces. The modern Egypt got it’s independence from United Kingdom on 22 Feb 1922, though the UK military was present till 1954. The new constitution with parliamentary type of govt. was enacted in 1923, with Monarchy being the de-jure head of the country, Saad Zaghlul became the first Prime Minister. The new government failed to give the stability because of too much of interference of the British military and the king in the working of sovereign, which lead to the famous military coup of 1952 which ended the monarchy and made Egypt a Republic, with Muhammad Naguib as the first president. Soon Gamel Abdel Nasser, founder of Non-Aligned Movement along with Pandit Nehru and the key architect of 1952 coup, forced Muhamad to resign and became President.  Nasser was succeeded by Anwar Sadat, whose peace treaty with Israel in 1979, sparked huge discontent among the Arab countries, even though the move was supported by the citizen of Egypt. This peace treaty led to the assisination of Sadat by a fundamentalist military personnel in 1981. It was at this time Hosni Mubarak, the central figure of present embroil, took over the power and became president and is ruling autocratically since then.

The ever rising unemployment, the prevalent poverty, the end of democracy, the pro-USA and Israel policy  of the present govt. headed by Hosni Mubarak is the main reason of the present chaos, which started on 25th Jan 2011. In order to sustain such a long presidency (5th term) in a supposedly democratic republic, Mubarak allegedy has resorted to imprisoning opponents without trial, taking financial advantage of the country, and practicing heavy-handed censorship on all kind of media which writes or voices against the autocratic regime, in which the nepotism is highly prevalent, as Mubarak was about to install his son as the next president.

The pro-democracy agitation which started on 25th Jan 2011 at Tharir (liberation) Square have taken its inspiration from Tunisian revolt, which ended the 23 year long regime of it’s dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.  The social networking sites like, Facebook, Twitter etc have played a very important role in sustaining the revolt and in mobilizing the peoples for agitation. Also, the role played by the Al-jazeera, the infamous  news channel of Arab world can’t be neglected, the in-depth coverage of Tunisian revolt by it has inspired other Arab citizens to end the regime of dictatorship in their country, Egypt being one of them.

Several steps have been taken by the President Mubarak, starting from changing the cabinet and putting the former military and intelligence chief tothe key positions of the govt. , like Vice-President Omar Suliman, Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq and Defence Minister Mohd. Tantawi all have military backgrounds, to releasing the prisoners from jails to create the law and order problem to assert his point that law and order can only be maintained by autocratic regime, to sending the police officers as Mubarak supporter in civilain dress on horses and camels,  to control the tharir square but nothing has been able to rein the impasse which have been created by the people – intellectuals, technocrats etc., from all the walks of life. The military, which was instrumental in crushing 2002-2003 revolt, has refused to use force against the peaceful protesters, thus creating a big problem for Mr. Mubarak who ruled for 30 years because  he had firm control over army. All kind of media has been banned by the govt. but that also has not been able to reduce peoples mobilization in support of democracy and spread of revolt to other parts of country.

The protest which was mainly leaderless in it’s initial days, thus showing that revolt was entirely by the people and not by any politically motivated group, which is not at all happy with the govt., have got a strong leader in former IAEA  chief and Nobel laureate ElBaradei, who is strong supporter of democracy. The Muslim Brotherhood, the party based on Sharia principle which was banned during the older regimes have started gaining the popularity again and may play a important role in the writing of new constitution and formation of new govt. Not only this, whole new cabinet appointed by Mr. Mubarak is also emerging as the center of great power which is in the favor of democracy. So, in nutshell we can say that every decision of Mr. Mubarak has fired back, be it appointing new govt. or letting out the goons from prison or sending security guards as the the supporter of govt., and now Egypt stands at the point of history where it might undergo a big transition. At, the same time the ever mounting pressure from international community is asking Mr. Mubarak to quit as the president, even  the USA- to which the loyalty of Mubarak is world famous.

The only problem which Egypt may face after quiting of Mubarak is the creation of political vacuum as most of the parties were crushed during the regime of Mubarak and never allowed to retain any power, or, if Muslim Brotherhood comes in the power than nothing new is going to be achieved by this protest as the brotherhood is going to rule as per Sharia law which will make Egypt a Islamic country thus ending the secular nature of Egyptian polity, which will be no better than present situation, or, the military may rule again as some of the leader of the present agitation are military personnel (as I have mentioned earlier that various key positions are now with military personnel). So, the only hope is that ElBaradei becomes the real face of this embroil and craft a democratic Egypt which is ruled based on secular principles by the govt. which is elected on the basis of free and fair election, not in the nepotist manner.

So, what should be the role of International diplomacy and community, even though the USA which is so ashamedly pro-Israel have played it’s all cards to protect the present govt., in the present situation. As per my view, every country including India should support the people of Egypt as they are the one who is going to decide the future of Egypt and not any army or (Muslim) brotherhood or Mubarak. This impasse should be ended as soon as possible because it might dent the recovery of global economy as both the oil and gas supply to the various countries will be affected which might lead fuel crisis thus increasing the rate of crude oil in international market, along with inflation  in everyday commodity market. Also, it might lead to the blockade of Suez Canal thus affecting the major trade route of the world.

No one knows what is going to happen in Egypt but whatever happens it will not only change the Egypt but will also change the Arab world, as it will show them that real power lies with the citizen of any country and not with govt.  The inspirational effect of Egyptian and Tunisian, revolution can been seen in other countries (Yemen, Syria, Jordan etc), as they have already started revolting against their govt. or are waiting to revolt after taking the cue from their fellow brothers and sisters from Arab world. The effect of this protest will be long lasting and will change the Egypt for ever. Lastly, I would like to make a request to Mr. Mubarak, dear! don’t be so shameless, give the power to people and let them decide what is good or bad for them, they  had enough of you and now they want you to go, so please go.

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